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Image and sound technician is the expert in the conditioning of venues where events or recordings related to the audiovisual world take place, such as television, radio stations, dubbing or recording studios, cultural events (shows, concerts or festivals), or commercial events (conferences, presentations and fairs) among others.

Specifically, they work in the recording and processing of the visual and sound signal by controlling the recording systems (microphones and cameras), during the production and recording of programs on sets or studios. They are also responsible for the quality of the recorded signal (image, voice or music) and therefore treat, equalise and perfect this signal to correct possible distortions, for example during the recording of an advertising spot in a sound radio. Finally, they take care of the correct reproduction of video and audio at the different events for which they work, and they do so by means of a suitable configuration of the equipment (screens, speakers and connections), and considering aspects such as acoustics or the lighting of the space, or other factors that may influence its correct capture and transmission.


  • Study the space and propose the conditioning of the audiovisual production facilities. Depending on the space where they work (studio, set, concert, show, etc.) they should know and apply certain techniques and protocols so that this conditioning is optimal.
  • Supervise the recording and processing of the sound and visual signals, considering compression, equalisation and sound effects. Responsible for the acoustic and visual quality of the reproduction.
  • Modulate, transform, handle and improve upon all types of sounds through music and sound effects, using sound and musical computer programs.
  • Retouch and improve the sound of each of the tracks (sometimes during live recording and others in the studio).
  • Responsible for the equipment and its correct operation. Take care of maintenance and repair if they detect some breakdown.
  • When working with audio, they may record sounds and create effects to later add to the target project (recording, movie or program). In this case, they also integrate all the sound sources into the final mix (voices, music, sound effects) so that they sound with the appropriate intensity.

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