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Application programmer; Software programmer


Programmers are in charge of creating, verifying and maintaining software programmes. Implement algorithms through a programming language that the computer can understand. They are the ones who write the computer applications that will allow us to interact with the computer (these applications can be applications for the general public or intended for solving a specific task for a single project) and that will indicate to the different devices what instructions they must follow to execute their functions.

Depending on the type of software they have to write, programmers work with different languages. Some of the most used are: Java, C, C++, Python, C#, VisualBasic.NET, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, SQL.
In addition to writing the software, much of the programmers' work is focused on verifying, resolving issues, finding and correcting errors, and documenting them (writing user manuals or creating help screens).


  • Write programs.
    Write applications or part of the applications following the specifications previously set by analysts or software engineers (who create the structure and specifications of the program).
    Create logical series of instructions and algorithms (encode) in different computer readable programming languages.
    Use objected oriented languages in order to build programs, as well as assistance tools in order to generate routine codes that will be part of the program they are writing.
  • Document the software that they write.
    Write user manuals and create software help screens.
    Update, modify and debug the software.
    Grow, modify and update software or parts of existing software.
    Make sure that these changes work properly.
  • Quality control.
    Verify the software or part of the software they have written; they use it to demonstrate that the instructions are correct and producing the desired result.
    Before the product is launched onto the market, test to prevent the user from encountering errors. Create specific small applications to cause the software to crash and thus be able to fix possible errors. Propose and write the modifications of the code of a program in order to avoid the detected errors.
  • Participate in the process of creating a new software.
    Meet with the project analysis and design team to understand the architecture of the product they will write.
    Keep in contact with the product manager who is in charge of the software that will be programmed. Occasionally, they also meet with the project's graphic design department to see how the code they write will interact with its final appearance.

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