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Film booker


These professionals are in charge of planning and scheduling film screenings in the cinemas of the company where they work. Specifically, they oversee scheduling the films, but also the trailers that accompany them, according to different criteria to establish the number of screenings and the most suitable schedule, with the aim of maximising the use of the cinemas and the number of people attending. In this sense, these professionals are also in charge of monitoring the takings of each screening in order to make decisions about the continuity of the films on the billboard or to evaluate possible changes that optimise the programming.

In this way, they seek coordination between the large film distribution companies and the general public, working in companies that manage cinemas and setting up the programming for screening companies.


  • On a weekly basis, they programme the cinemas where the films that the distribution companies put on the market are shown.
  • Define and schedule other secondary products such as trailers for other films and in some cases short advertisements.
  • Calculate the time between the different screenings and ensure that it is sufficient to facilitate the implementation of the logistical measures of the cinema auditorium (cleaning between screenings, exit and entrance of the audience, etc.).
  • Schedule other activities to get the most out of cinema auditoriums, beyond the usual film screenings: events, film cycles, thematic competitions, documentaries, among others.
  • They coordinate with the manager of each cinema in order to evaluate the results obtained, establish the specific schedules and cinema auditoriums in order to define the billboard in a particular way for each auditorium, always with the aim of satisfying the clientele. They also jointly assess the results obtained and, if necessary, agree to reschedule the screenings they consider appropriate.
  • Work with other departments of the company to ensure the success of their work: marketing, communication, information and technology, human resources, among others.
  • Logistical coordination with distributors and cinema auditoriums to ensure that the films, as well as the KDMs (Key Delivery Message, encrypted codes that allow the film to be screened) arrive at the cinema auditorium. Despite being digital films, many distributors continue to send physical copies and it is necessary to make sure that the cinema has everything necessary for the screening.
Training and monitoring
  • Monitor the results obtained in the screenings, especially in terms of public and economic revenue. From here, they can modify and reprogramme to achieve better results.
  • Know the types of consumers who usually attend cinema auditoriums in order to empathise with them more easily, depending on the type of audience that attends (families, young people, intergenerational...), which helps them to obtain better results in the planning of their programming.
  • Keep up to date with film premieres.

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