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Storyboard creators are responsible for designing and producing the graphical stories that serve as the basis for digital or audiovisual creations for multimedia products for use in film, videos or TV. Although historically storyboards "explained" a story, an advertising clip or a film, through static images, nowadays this system has been transformed thanks to the incorporation of animation. Today storyboard creators can create their work not only in comic strip format, but also as what is known as an animatic. This discipline is simultaneously technical and artistic in nature, and forms part of the audiovisual and multimedia industry.


  • Work with the creative team producing a spot, short film or feature-length film.
    Participate in the creative process through which the idea for the story will emerge.
    Offer suggestions as to how the idea can be represented visually in the storyboard.
  • Collaborate with artists.
    Sometimes they sketch the characters and objects for the storyboard themselves, but they often first work with a team of artists and subsequently make an animated version of the sketches produced by these artists.
  • Create the storyboard.
    Decide, alongside the creative team, whether the storyboard will be static or animated, or whether both options will be produced, depending on whether the client has to subsequently approve the project.
    Design graphic narratives including the elements required for the storyboard.
    Create and subsequently animate the storyboard, and give a rough idea of what the project will be like in terms of: length, type of sequence, how the story will be told and even indicating the dialogue.
  • Edit the completed storyboard.
    Make the necessary adjustments to their creation in terms of speed, sequences, etc., in order to adapt it to the client's needs.

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