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An organisation's senior press officer is responsible for all of the organisation's contact with the media. They are the organisation's journalist, the "in-house journalist", and as such they are usually also responsible for the organisations produced by the company, such as internal magazines, the website, etc. A company's senior press officer is also responsible for managing the organisation's press office and the staff who make it up. As such, they must have a vast knowledge of the media, the media's production routines and their interest areas. Similarly, their position requires in an in-depth knowledge of the organisation in order to be able to identify news opportunities and risks, as well as to be best able to convey information about the organisation to journalists. In most cases, they are part of the company's permanent staff, although it is also common for these tasks to be outsourced to press or communication offices. This outsourced company takes care of managing the relationship between the client company and the media.


The main operational tasks they carry out are:
  • Planning and designing the company or institution's media initiatives, according to the targets set by the head of the communication department.
  • Keeping track of the media and relevant topics. Also keeping track of content in the conventional and non-conventional media in order to identify potential opportunities for the company, as well as possible information crisis risks.
  • Updating the journalist contact databases. Maintaining a fluid relationship with journalists.
  • Drawing up and publishing press releases. Planning and executing press conferences and press calls.
  • Expressing or recording in writing the main ideas and key messages the company wishes to communicate to the media. They are often also responsible for training a team of spokesmen and, on certain occasions, for drawing up official communiqus to be read by other members of the company.
  • Designing and carrying out management drills for critical media situations.
  • Senior press officers, as journalists, are often responsible for producing or overseeing the company's internal media publications. staff magazine, website, magazines or newsletters for partners, clients, etc.
Where senior press officers are working for an outsourced press office, they must build up a thorough knowledge of the company for which they are working in order to perform their role as effectively as possible. In this case, they will also report directly to the communication manager, to whom they have to relay the results obtained. The rest of the tasks they perform are much the same as any internal senior press officer.

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