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Public relations are defined as strategies to generate a favourable and confident climate between the company and its target audiences, and thus, encourage a positive attitude. To achieve this, public relation managers develop, implement and evaluate promotional strategies aimed at informing clients, staff and the general public about the initiatives and policies of the companies, administrations or organisations they work for.

These professionals usually work in medium and large companies and entities that need to maintain contact with other companies, administrations or the media in order to ensure the normal development of their activity and establish beneficial relationships, where the public image is mutually favoured. They often have to mould the organisation itself in order to help it adapt to this image effectively.

Thus, public relation managers are in charge of managing some aspects of the communication of their organisations handling the relationship with the media, protocol, institutional relations, crisis management, the design and execution of events and activities, the coordination of sponsorship actions and, above all, that guests get a satisfactory image of the company or organisation.


  • Produce enquiries or surveys in order to identify clients and target publics relating to their actions, as well as checking the degree of satisfaction or the image they have of the company or institution. This allows these professionals to identify problems and opportunities for action based on the objectives of the organisation.
  • Look for external information and cultivate relationships and communication channels with clients and suppliers (current and potential customers).
  • Maintain an updated database of customers, suppliers, collaborators, companies, media, etc. to send them any selective information they consider necessary.
  • Prepare reports, informative documents, presentations, press releases, bibliographies and websites, and supervise their preparation.
  • Maintain relationships with various media in close collaboration with the person responsible for communication.
  • Advise the organisation for which they work on the best way to communicate with the different target audiences.
  • Coordinate actions such as meetings, conventions, protocol acts, public events and general appearances with the aim of publicising different activities of companies and client organisations.
  • Personally attend to some relevant clients, welcoming them and accompanying them during their visit to the organisation.
  • Be the spokesperson, especially in crisis management situations.

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