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Product Development Manager or Product Manager


A Product Manager manages the life cycle of the mobile applications, from their concept to their launch in the market, according to the specifications defined initially. Works with the technical product development team, the design team to set processes maps and the most convenient development methodologies and the marketing and sales team to define the market and pricing strategy. In general, this professional is responsible for carefully defining and communicating the objectives, requirements and limitations of the project.


  • Manage the life cycle of the product from its conception to its launch.
  • Define the characteristics of the product based on the indications defined at the start of the project with the management team. Prepare and monitor the roadmap of the application up to its launch in the market.
  • Monitor the objectives, budget, and timeline established for the product through product management methods.
  • Efficient management of the different family products under their responsibility: positioning analysis and segmentation of the market depending on the previous market researches.
  • Evaluate the market dynamics in relation to the products families: local factors, competitive position, product characteristics and appropriate distribution channels. Monitor qualitative and quantitative information (market evolution, short-term forecasts, competition analysis, etc.).
  • Create, plan, develop and start up financial and marketing strategic plans that must be followed: study of the relation between the profit margin and the price/volume of the different product families. Create solvent strategic diagnosis tools.
  • Manage the launching of new products creating selling, marketing, communication and distribution strategies. Propose differentiating characteristics to provide added value to the products and look for new distribution channels. Create technical documentation about the new products such as product manuals, presentations for the commercial network, etc.
  • Take part in creating the definition and development strategy of new characteristics and functionalities of the product once it has been launched into the market.
  • Collect information and best practices on the latest trends in order to adapt them to the company's products. Suggest new services, solutions and improvements in the products already available on the market in order to favour both users and business.

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