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Head of Manufacturing; Responsible for manufacturing


The production manager is responsible for the technical management, supervision and control of industrial production processes to ensure that they operate reliably and effectively. That is why production management is present in many industries, being the most common chemical, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace, or electronics industry.

The production manager is a key figure in planning and preparing the required operations in a production process, as it organizes and monitors manufacturing to determine the means of production workload. Consequently, he has a thorough and holistic knowledge of the system, materials and resources used for production, since it must be programmed and estimated in accordance with company productive capacity.

To develops this job, it is essential to be a methodical, analytical and rigorous professional, as any mistake can distort production process or delay product manufacturing. Production manager also need to have a resolutive attitude to potential problems and communication through teamwork and staff coordination.


  • Manages and plans productive actions, coordinating the different work teams to ensure continuity and efficiency, thus meeting the deadlines and objectives established by the company.
  • Determines the start-up timing and technical impacts on the cost offer.
  • Defines, delegates, communicates and ensures staff understanding of the responsibilities associated with their area of competence.
  • Strategically, manages technology within the company in order to coordinate the new industry demands with new market technologies.
  • Revises and proposes control mechanisms, monitoring systems and processes analysis for operational aspects under its responsibility.
  • Verifies plans fulfilment, evaluates goals and observes and manages the resolution of possible deviations under its responsibility.
  • Ensures that incidents during the unit's work are properly recorded, reported and investigated.
  • Actively participates in optimizing production unit procedures with managing improvement strategies and proposals, such as reducing costs or increasing productivity.

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