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Analista de Producció, Tècnic/a de mètodes (metodista), tècnic/a en organització de la producció


These professionals are the responsible for the technical management of the production area in a company that performs analysis, forecasting, planning, programming, management, and control of the production process. Describe, improve and record the methods used in each job and the corresponding assigned times considering the regulations on occupational health and safety regulations.
Develop coordination functions between the work carried out by the Design and Production departments, facilitating the understanding between both areas by translating the design into technical terms.
Depend either on the Senior Management, to whom they inform and present proposals to improve the profitability and operation of the processes, or on the production manager, plant manager or person in charge of methods and timings.


  • Carry out analytical studies regarding the production process stages and time of productive sub-processes, for the specific parts to be manufactured.
  • Optimise the internal logistics of the production process by implementing production organization methods. Plan, manage and control the entire production process, according to the orders received and in coordination or supervision of the stocks with the warehouse manager. Coordinate supplies along with the purchasing manager.
  • Plan the production lines and coordinate the distribution of schedules and the activity of the equipment. They are responsible for detecting critical points or bottlenecks in the production process.
  • Periodically report to the Senior Management the problems and possibilities for improvement in reference to the organization of production, quality, or equipment.
  • Advise Senior Management on the purchase of machining technology and the necessary software. Manage the appropriate modifications to machines and facilities, being responsible for their implementation in collaboration with the manufacturing department.
  • Record the worker¿s current method (set of operations performed to carry out its production phase). Measure the time it takes following a specific method and apply different control techniques: timing, time, etc.
  • Establish a continuous improvement process. Identify training needs to help improve methods.

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