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In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, under the Personal Data Protection Act, we inform you that data collected will form part of an automated file, under the ownership of BARCELONA ACTIVE SPM S.A., with registered office at 162-164 Calle Llacuna, Barcelona, with the aim of managing enrollments and of informing of the company's activities and services within its field of action. You will be able to exercise access rights, rectification, cancel cancellation and/or opposition via written communication to the Legal Services of BARCELONA ACTIVE SPM S.A. at the aforementioned address.

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Other denominations

Applications Technician; Product Development Technician; Sales Engineer.


European regulations and the increased demand for information from consumers have a strong impact on manufacturing production, forcing the redesign of products in order to ensure their sustainability and the elimination of all potential danger. The product specialist incorporates the vision of the client, whether consumer or industrial customer. At the same time, the emergence of technically more sophisticated products has caused that the commercial task must be carried out by experts who are thoroughly familiar with the technical characteristics and specificities of the product, and who advise and offer technical support for sales and marketing actions. Product specialists play a key role as a technical link between the company's R&D&D and production departments on the one hand, and the commercial and distribution departments and final customers on the other hand.

This professional tends to report to the sales department when carrying out his/her occupation and provides advice, training and technical support to the sales network and customers on product uses and applications, contributing to the development of new solutions and technical adjustments, new products launches and demonstrations, drawing up technical support materials and guaranteeing the post-sale service for a particular company product range. The purpose of all of the above is to ensure full customer satisfaction in a competitive environment where service is valued as much, if not more than the product itself.


These professionals depend on the commercial or marketing management, establishing contact with the different departments of the company (administration, sales, financial, development and R&D&I) and carry out the following tasks:
  • In charge of the technical management of one or more product lines manufactured by the company.
    Identify opportunities and develop new product applications for the target market.
    Carry out an analysis of suggested modifications and draw up reports on the manufacture of new products.
    In charge of evaluating the products and devising cost-profit studies.
  • Provide technical support to company sales representatives.
    Contribute to drawing up the annual marketing plan.
    Draw up business reports and participate in setting annual regional objectives.
    Participate in the launch of new products and the preparation of business plans.
    Work jointly with the sales teams to meet product sales targets.
    Work with the marketing teams to ensure that technical department strategies are properly managed.
  • Must keep up to date with technological advances which may add value to company products in order to increase their competitiveness.
    Identify business opportunities by studying the competition and market trends.
    Find and generate information through the use of references, by attending conferences, liaising with opinion leaders, etc.
  • Maintain direct contact with the customer base and the resources, development and production departments, offering solutions suited to the needs of end-users.
    Schedule and carry out consulting visits to potential customers regarding the needs base identified by sales representatives and technicians.
    Carry out the feasibility study and technical follow-up of new applications requested by the client, preparing budgets according to required characteristics.
    Carry out projects linked to product improvement.
    Provide a post-sale technical support and application assistance service to end-users, distributors and specialists in their area of competence and product range.
  • Organise seminars, product training sessions and demonstrations, assisting various categories of sales staff in their duties.
    In charge of the technical training of distributors and internal staff.
    Supervise the initial use of the product by the end-customer, ensuring that it operates properly and covering the training needs of prospective users.

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