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This is the professional responsible for managing maintenance projects relating to rolling stock (trains) in order to ensure they run properly and improve their performance. Similarly, they are responsible for coordinating the work teams who perform the above-mentioned maintenance tasks, which include the detection and repair of errors, the refurbishment of trains and the installation of new stock, among others.


The main responsibilities of a roll stock maintenance engineer are:
  • To plan and coordinate roll stock maintenance projects with the aim of improving the security, reliability, service, condition and comfort of the facilities.
  • To plan, coordinate and carry out projects relating to the installation of new trains and refurbishment.
  • To assist rolling stock depots, both providing technical support and helping to implement new projects.
  • To manage the work teams that perform maintenance on the rolling stock fleet.
  • To ensure that the train maintenance and installation procedures and guidelines established are properly adhered to both internally and by external suppliers.
  • To serve as the rolling stock expert when participating in technical projects led by other departments of the company.
  • To interpret information related to incidents or repairs, and draw up reports that determine the state of the rolling stock fleet. To act on the basis of these reports, suggesting new projects with the aim of improving the state of the fleet.

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