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Handling agent; Baggage handler; Ground handling agent; Ramp operator; Ramp agent


This is the person in charge of handling luggage, merchandise and mail. Take charge of storage and relocation, as well as loading and unloading of planes. 'Handling' is understood as all those services of assistance given to aircrafts and passengers. Activities include; invoicing, relocation of passengers, placement of staircases, plane cleaning, fuel provision, management of luggage and merchandising, mechanical service, etc.


  • Collect luggage that has been checked-in at the airport.
  • Classify the load, according to specific codes, so as to inform of the flight that is transporting the material. Ensure that every item is dispatched to the correct plane.
  • Transport and load the luggage, goods and mail onto the plane. Operate with specialised operating equipment: vehicles with tows, elevation equipment or transportation belts. In some cases these will have to be handled manually.
  • Attend to the information given to the Flight Coordinator on the placement of the load. It is very important that loads are correctly distributed in the plane, and are in compliance with the established regulations.
  • Unload luggage from the plane, separating the load which is transported directly to the baggage collection belts of the airport from the load that continues in transit, to be dispatched to a connecting flight.
  • This individual is also in charge of the transporting of the catering.
  • In some cases he/she must undertake other handling-related tasks. collection of passengers and transportation in a bus, the cleaning of the plane, etc.
  • Ensure that fuel load is completed in accordance with current regulations.
  • Ensure that the aircraft is clean before the passengers board.

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