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Airport environmental manager


This is the person responsible for the environmental management of the airport. Take charge of the coordination and control of issues related to the environment: noise, air quality, waste residues, fauna, etc. The implementation of an environmental management system (SGMA) in the airport requires the presence of a specific professional in the airport due to the organisational and technical complexity of these systems.


  • Responsible for the airport's waste management strategy, developing different procedures and measures to minimise waste.
    Supervise firefighter and rescue team rehearsals, analysing the impact of the materials used.
    Manage the waste residues produced by airline companies throughout the entire airport premises.
    Examine mechanisms to improve its selective collection.
  • Manage and control acoustic levels in the airport. This is one of the most problematic aspects of the aviation industry. Spanish airports have introduced a system called SIRMA (Noise Monitoring and Control System) that allows noise levels to be controlled at all times, among other things.
  • Assess air quality. By use of the REDAIR tool (Air Quality Surveillance Network) examine atmospheric contamination levels.
  • Manage the implementation of the SGMA system, in accordance with ISO 14001 regulations. This system is a tool that ensures that regulations are fulfilled, and also improves the effectiveness of processes, reducing costs and preventing accidents.
  • Study measures to reduce energy consumption in the airport facilities.
  • Takes care of the airports' green spaces and non-urban areas (forest areas, wetlands, etc.). Manage maintenance and conservation.
  • Carry out the training of airport staff to explain environmental problems posed by each particular occupation, and measures required to comply with the regulations.
  • Undertake education activities to inform of airport environmental policies.
    Notify the media.
    Attend to enquiries and receives suggestions from national or international companies, airport users, etc.
    Sending data and reports to the Environment Ministry.
  • Produce studies and reports relating to the actions taken.

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