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River pollution: comprehensive analysis and control consultant

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Water is a scarce resource and fundamental for the development of a country. Water environments have an irreplaceable environmental and social function and as a result, the preservation of their quality is indispensable. The specialist in comprehensive analysis and control of river pollution is a professional or consultant that takes samples of water, sediment, macroinvertebrates, fish, etc. from rivers, lakes and reservoirs in order to monitor water quality and the ecosystem. Carry out tasks related to the management and monitoring of the condition of the water and that which surrounds it.


  • Record the data on the physicochemical quality of the waters through the analysis of chemical and biological indicators: organisms (macroinvertebrates, algae, macrophytes, etc), biological demand of oxygen, chemical demand of oxygen, etc.
  • Keep inventories of coastal forests and helophytes (plants that take root in water but grow out of the water).
  • Control the emissions of pollutants in waters (using collection systems and diffuse sources).
  • Analyse and interpret data and prepare periodic reports that include incidents, intakes and discharges capable of violating the regulations, etc.
  • Make suggestions, recommendations or proposals in order to improve any aspect of the organisation, management and monitoring of the control network or other aspects related to the environmental protection and quality of water resources.
  • Inform and advise the technicians from the municipalities, environmental administration and any other body or association that has authority or the intention to carry out an activity in the river environment.

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