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The renewable energy facilities designer is responsible for the design, planning and technical verification of renewable energy systems, according to oficial regulations, both for domestic and industrial supply as for the sustainable generation of electricity or grid heating.

This professional studies the feasibility and location, prepares the project, plans the execution and verifies work adequacy when it has already been executed, whether it be wind energy installations, solar energy (photovoltaic, thermal, solar thermal), hydraulic, geothermal or biomass energy.


  • Selects the most efficient renewable energy collection system to meet customer needs.
  • Makes system calculation performance related to surface, energy collector and other system energy parts according to technical specifications.
  • Draws up the installation project, which includes the technical memory, calculations, plans and the operation and maintenance manual, following the technical regulations for renewable energy.
  • Calculate the budget and draw up the installation contract, which includes the guarantee and system maintenance.
  • Decides system elements acquisition, depending on the installation project.
  • Deal with suppliers of the different items and with workshops as needed.
  • Schedule the installation to be performed based on the available human resources and the characteristics of the system to be installed.
  • Complies with oficial regulatory requirements.
  • It monitors installations texecution regarding quality and safety conditions for working installers.
  • Searches for technical information to improve the systems offered by the company.

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