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Eco-awareness officer


Advanced scientific technician, with complementary training in communication and group leading techniques, with the ability to disseminate relevant documents and issues in order to bring about participatory processes or debates: territorial plans, urban development plans, waste plans, municipal audits or status reports, Agenda 21 programmes and other specific projects or campaigns of general interest.


  • Prepare and organise informational meetings and conferences adapted to the demands of the groups addressed.
  • Launch environmental programmes and awareness campaigns (waste, fire, saving water, etc.).
  • Participate in creating and disseminating materials for exhibiting projects and campaigns subject to debate: publications, exhibitions, audiovisuals, articles, etc.
  • Spread the objectives and contents of documents subject to debate via talks, exhibitions and running public debates with interested groups and the general population.
  • Collect and systematise contributions in participatory processes.
  • Systematise and draw up documents of the final conclusions on the participatory processes developed.
  • Create environmental communication channels.
  • Introduce environmental communication issues into existing information channels (municipal magazine, municipal website, etc.).
  • Spread information on environmental quality ( for example. pollution).

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