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Environmental sampling technicians carry out field work related to the measurement of environmental parameters (water, air, noise, waste, etc.) by applying specialized methodologies in environmental sampling. These professionals are also in charge of the maintenance of measuring devices, whether they are automatic equipment that transmit information remotely, or manually, with different tools. Finally, they obtain information on the indicators derived from the own management of the administrations and organizations with environmental responsibilities and carry out a joint assessment of the results.


Environmental sampling technicians carry out the following tasks:
  • Take samples (of water, waste, etc.) to analyse them.
    Apply the sampling technique and appropriate measuring conditions in each case according to the established protocols.
  • Perform field measurements with specific instruments (sound level meter, equipment for the determination of water or air parameters, etc).
  • Perform maintenance and calibration of automatic air pollution control devices and instruments and remote data transmission equipment in real time in order to record the data obtained on computer and magnetic media.
  • Record, statistically treat and graphically represent by means of computer programs the data of the different environmental parameters obtained with the control devices or with manual analysis. In the case of noise and vibration sampling, these are represented on sonic maps.
  • Interpret the data obtained and assess the risks related to certain parameters.
  • Collect environmental information from administrations and organizations with environmental responsibilities.
  • Evaluate and write reports about the results obtained according to the current regulations.

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