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A biomass power plant operative is the professional who controls and uses machinery such as steam turbo generators to generate electricity, often using control boards, panels or semiautomatic equipment. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the plant, particularly in relation to the maintenance of machinery. They may work in the commissioning of a new plant and also in energy production in plants that have already been built.


The main duties of a biomass power plant operative are as follows:
  • Coordinate tasks in the routine operation and maintenance of the biomass plant.
  • Lead the team of operatives and assign equipment cleaning, monitoring and control tasks.
  • Monitor control panels to determine whether the production, supply and distribution of electricity are achieving the specified levels and standards.
  • Gather and record operating data in specific formats for statistical mining.
  • Inspect and test machinery and distribution equipment by means of testing devices.
  • Help the plant planning manager to draw up the production plan, detailing supplies, planning production volumes and overseeing the implementation of the final plan.
  • Continuously feed machinery with raw materials: boilers, compactors, pumps and crushers.
  • Remove waste organic matter sludge.
  • Monitor materials consumed and spare parts.
  • Use and drive fork-lift trucks and tractors.
  • Propose technical improvements to current procedures.
  • Establish new procedures and protocols and set quality and safety objectives.
  • Draw up regular reports about the extent to which production plan objectives have been attained.
  • Record anomalies detected in machinery and the results of inspections.
  • Conduct analytical checks of the power generation process.
  • Perform corrective and preventive activities for the proper operation and production of electricity under the orders of their immediate superior, usually the biomass plant control engineer.

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