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Environmental planner


Oversee the territorial and urban planning in specific natural spaces or broader areas, where the natural component is basic as regards design and development. A territorial plan can also be sectorial (for example, the distribution of wind power in a large territory). Lead or participate in the design of bases for the territorial planning of natural spaces. Carry out the scheduling, assessment and monitoring of its execution, and the design of indicators for the ongoing monitoring of the planning according to pre-set criteria.


  • Draw up plans and coordinate different specialists with scientific and technical knowledge on the landscape and natural ecosystems.
  • Establish criteria to carry out and update the planning that has been drawn up.
  • Offer consulting with regard to everything that concerns territorial and urban planning and which physically impacts natural ecosystems.
  • Offer consulting with regard to environmental impact, infrastructures and land uses that impact natural ecosystems.
  • Carry out the monitoring, control and analysis of the development of landscapes and ecosystems that have been planned over time.

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