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Land remediation consultant


This professional is in charge of analysing and eliminating the contamination of land that has been polluted by a human activity. Their tasks range from characterising and measuring parameters for land allocated to agricultural use to advising and management of the decontamination of land that, due to an accident, poor waste management or poor industrial facility practices, has pollutants in a concentration that is greater than normal and which pose a risk for public health or natural systems. They must have extensive knowledge in edaphology (land composition, structure and evolution) and experience in land analysis and characterisation. They must also know the techniques related to clean-up, confinement and containment of polluted soils. If the decontamination is carried out on-site using the bioremediation of soils and aquifers, they must have knowledge of the most common bioremediation techniques (bioventing, bioslurping, etc.), microbial metabolism, as well as techniques for gas control and wastewater treatment applied to affluents generated with the application of these techniques.


  • Recognise the land and characterise it, define the area to be analysed, whether it is to allocate it to a specific use or take decontamination measures.
  • Establish the methods for collecting samples and sending them to the laboratory for subsequent analysis.
  • Define and take the measurements (either themselves or delegating it to the assistants) that must be taken in the collected samples. The following can be measured: Ph, texture, electrical conductivity, nitrogen, organic matter, minerals, etc.
  • Interpret the analysis results.
  • Prepare analysis reports and draw up a proposal of corrections based on the objective of the work.
  • Manage and supervise the teams that carry out the soil decontamination or correction, in accordance with the activities proposal that has been made.
  • Carry out analyses again in order to verify the results of the measurements taken.
  • Draw up the reports for individuals and the administration.

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