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Workers in the operations department of a factory producing photovoltaic modules and cells. The photovoltaic production manager works closely with the person responsible for factory operations, continually reporting on the progress of the production process. In addition, they supervise correct operation of the production chain, as well as ensure that the end product complies with all requirements and specifications.


  • Lead and coordinate the whole production team in a factory for photovoltaic components. Ability to command factory workers and plan the tasks to be performed by teams.
  • Analyze phases of the production process, determine the procedures to be followed and manage any changes to be introduced. Establish analysis guidelines in terms of productivity, efficiency and quality to optimize production.
  • Introduce and follow-up LEAN Manufacturing (management systems designed to optimize cost/quality ratio). Detect problems at their origin and propose solutions, eliminate activities that do not produce added value and optimize resources (both human capital and productive materials).
  • Propose and coordinate constant improvement and model quality systems. Participate in standardization of production processes to guarantee that set outturns are reached.
  • Analyze production indicators and compliance with set objectives. Ensure that data in reference to the production rate are recorded correctly to be able to assess them and follow-up and calculate tendencies.
  • Controls the costs associated with production and make proposals for their reduction. Review the expenses associated with the area (machinery, staff, supplies, suppliers, etc.).
  • Draft status reports and regularly communicate with factory management.

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