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Eco product design and analysis specialist


Green product design is a new way of thinking that incorporates green criteria in production. It takes into account technical, economic or quality criteria, while environmental aspects are also included.

This professional designs consumer objects or materials for industrial production, taking into account ecological criteria in terms of materials, production process, life and waste recycling.


  • Defines the design project and the team involved.
  • Determines the environmental aspects and the tools to be used and analyzes the life cycle of the materials involved in the production of a good (from the raw material to the final waste).
  • Produces a report which outlines the alternatives for final product manufacture and evaluates each possible solution elaborating sketches, prototypes, final projects and production processes.
  • According to the different company areas, choose the alternatives that best suit the production process and the economic goals of the company.
  • Search for component suppliers based on the ecological quality criteria established in the final product design.
  • Organizes production, taking into account the whole process.
  • Evaluates the product and the results.

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