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Prevention and environmental specialist; Integrated management system specialist; Industrial and environmental safety technician.


In order to gradually implement environmental management systems and occupational risk prevention regulations, companies require the presence of a specific professional tasked with this role. This figure, who is particular importance in the basic chemical industry, owing to the wide variety of associated risks and the size of the plants, plays a key role in the organisation of a company's production department. Environmental and chemical safety specialists are responsible for planning and coordinating the occupational risk prevention and environmental areas, identifying and applying specific regulations, improving the working procedures, keeping track of actions and initiatives implemented in the production process, waste management and monitoring the environmental management system. They are also tasked with coordinating the health and safety committee and taking care of formalities with the various authorities. The most common places in which they work are large chemical companies with a specific environmental department and consulting firms, where they work as environmental audit or risk prevention consultants for small or medium enterprises. The latter role can be performed either by working for a consulting firm or as a freelance professional.


  • Coordinate and support the plant's environmental tasks, identifying and implementing environmental quality.
    Meet the environment-related demands of the ISO 14000 standard.
    Control atmospheric emissions, solid waste and wastewater treatment.
    Perform internal audits to improve operational efficiency through the prevention and reduction of pollution produced by the company's activities.
    Ensure the instatement of the relevant procedures and monitor the health and safety and environmental policy.
    Assess the risks resulting from exposure to polluting agents and associated with the sites, facilities and services.
    Ensure that machines and personal protective equipment comply with regulations.
  • Responsible for the strategic planning in relation to the environment and safety.
    Research ways to reduce emissions in the production process and develop strategies and investment plans to anticipate future legislation development.
    Undertake the implementation of an integrated environmental management system, combining quality and safety with the best technology available.
    Help define new industrial equipment and develop new products from the concept stage, in oder to integrate the health and safety and environmental regulations.
    Keep abreast of technological and regulation development and future forecasts.
    Implement corrective measures and develop improvement plans and solutions that boost the company's competitiveness.
  • Draft reports on the environmental and preventive conditions at the company.
    Propose and defend all necessary improvements, both industrial and organisational, in order to reduce incidents (pollution, occupational accidents, fires...) and their severity.
    Establish criteria for improving the sustainability of the waste management system.
    Carry out risk assessments and deliver measures to control and reduce them.
  • Manage and coordinate the occupational risk prevention plan.
    Devise the training plan, carry out training, audit the plant facilities, offer advice about the different positions and analyse the processes.
    Ensure compliance with the risk prevention plan.
    Coordinate the emergency and first aid operations.
  • Comply with and ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices, safety and environmental standards in the chemical process.
    Ensure proper execution of regulation inspections.
    Produce and update system tools and documentation.
    Oversee the placement of the prevention plans and protocols in strategic places and the application of these.
    Help raise awareness amongst the company's staff to ensure these measures are applied across the board.
    Train workers and keep track of their performance through monitoring programmes, good practices and other pollution prevention activities.
    Coordinate the emergency and first aid operations.
  • Represent the company and draw up the communication and marketing policy for the wider public,, local authorities and representatives from environmental organisations.
  • Maintain constant communication with the General Management and Environmental Department in order to coordinate the whole process.

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