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Green purchasing expert


The progressive introduction of sustainability criteria and the implementation of environmental management systems at companies and institutions involves considering the environmental advantages of the products they acquire and services they hire. Judging and evaluating the products and criteria for contracting services requires an expert with sufficient knowledge to assess and select them. This expert is responsible for applying the policies for procuring and contracting services at government institutions, companies and associations. This manager must know of the different methodologies applied to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), the different ecological labels and eco-labelling systems, as well as environmental management systems (ISO 14001:2004 and EMAS). The labels, that must meet the standards defined by recognised authorities (such as EU eco-labelling community system and those subject to administrative control in different countries) allow accurate information to be provided on the product or service in question.


  • Advise public administrations and companies with respect to environmental excellence of products and services.
  • Identify and assess different eco-labelling systems.
  • Determine the conditions for hiring services according to sustainability criteria.
  • Draw up comparative reports on the suitability of a product offered by different suppliers and evaluate and select the most suitable product according to the established procurement policy.
  • Create catalogues of officially approved products and services addressed to the departments of the company or institution according to sustainability criteria and other established criteria (economy, compliance with technical standards, etc.).
  • Create databases of products available on the market according to studies evaluating the life cycle and eco-labelling.
  • Create databases of service companies according to their compliance with systems standards and their adaptability to contracting demands using sustainability criteria.
  • Participate in establishing an environmental management system at the company or institution where activities are executed, if tertiary.

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