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Power plant head of production and maintenance


A power plant head has the maximum responsibility ensure that it works properly, which involves staff management, correctly planning the production of renewable energy and maintaining the machinery properly.

It is a necessary occupation both in the phases of start-up of a new power plant and in the cases of an already built plant.


The tasks generally related to this occupation are the following:
  • Manages production.
    Helps the chief planning officer to establish the master production plan, detailing supplies, planning production volumes, and subsequently overseeing the execution of the defined plan.
  • Supervises final production and verifies compliance with the standards and specifications established in the production plan.
    It also controls the materials used and the replacement components.
  • Coordinates tasks related to the daily operation and maintenance of the power plant.
    Directs a team of workers and assigns them cleaning, supervision and control of the equipment.
    If necessary, he/she trains intermediate level workers and coordinates each part of the maintenance process.
  • If the plant outsources maintenance services, the plant manager monitors the contracts and guarantees compliance with services and deadlines.
  • Proposes technical improvements over current procedures.
    He/she establishes new procedures, protocols and defines the milestones to be met in terms of quality and safety.
  • Produces continous reports that reflect the degree to which the objectives set out in the production plan are achieved.
    It also records detected machine malfunctions, inspection and maintenance results, and finally proposes improvements based on the results obtained.

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