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Methane production technician


The technician in charge of a methane production plant is responsible for correct operation of the facility. The methane production process consists of obtaining methane, a biogas used as a source of energy and produced from biomass. This biomass can come from various sources, from solid urban to forestry waste. The most modern technologies allow biomass to be used for industrial applications, the co-generation of heat and electricity, or to meet the energy needs of residential areas. This professional performs the technical control of the production process, coordinates the work of operators and other related tasks and supervises the general operation of the methane production facility.


  • Establish criteria regarding the characteristics of the organic matter to be processed.
  • Draft a regulatory code of standard working conditions, security measures, etc. of mandatory compliance by operators and other on-site personnel, including visitors.
  • Technically control the production process and the quality or purity of the biogas obtained.
  • Draft regular reports on performance and quality of the biogas obtained, incidents in the facility, whether technical of associated with the production processes, and others requested by company management.
  • Study forecasts and advise company management on general and specific technical aspects.

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