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Energy manager


Renewable energies are inextricably linked with the concept of energy efficiency, whose aim is to optimise the relationship between energy consumption and the end product or service provided by this energy. Innovation plays a large role in this task, since the main methods of optimisation involve implementing investment in technology and the company management.

In the context of renewable energies, energy efficiency aims to achieve set targets in fields such as supply guarantees, competitiveness and environmental friendliness.

These professionals are engineering consultants who work on process systems engineering tasks at industrial production plants. They are involved in the execution of projects to improve the energy efficiency of industrial production plants by implementing improvements, including the use of renewable energies instead of traditional sources of power.


  • Be actively involved in carrying out energy efficiency projects at comapnies interested in saving resources.
  • Identify and analyse the areas of an energy plant with the highest potential for saving on the basis of set guidelines for the analysis of key factors.
  • Perform energy audits. Analyse energy flows, record surpluses and quantify non-productive consumption.
  • Develop and implement energy conservation techniques.
  • Perform technology audits in order to optimise performance and reduce consumption.
  • Perform feasibility studies related to the implementation of renewable energies.
  • Carry out energy assessments and propose solutions and improvements on the basis of the results. Constantly search for new ways of reducing consumption.

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