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Renewable energy designer


Renewable energy is a safe source of energy that does not produce any emissions to the atmosphere or waste, except for equipment manufacturing and gear oil. In addition, as design facilities has evolved, better energy performance and increased power generation have been achieved. It has to take into account that renewable energy facilities features, whether wind, solar (photovoltaic, thermal, thermosolar, etc.), hydraulic, geothermal or biomass energy, must be specific and depend on particular conditions for each location.

This professional manages mechanical design projects in the field of renewable energy. It is responsible for designing and dimensioning the mechanical components of the facilities, and generating the information necessary for their manufacture and maintenance, and for approval, if applicable


  • Collaborate closely with the production department, which is why a good knowledge of the production process is important.
  • Direct a team of collaborators: designers, draughtsmen, etc.
  • Assess the costs of the design team and follow-up the evolution of these costs throughout the process.
  • Follow-up the terms of design and propose corrective actions in the event of delays.
  • Prepare the documentation that will finally be transferred to the production department, with calculations, manufacture criteria and critical control points.
  • Responsible for compliance with the design's quality controls.

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