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R&D process engineer in the energy technology; R&D&I energy expert engineer; R&D technology manager; R&D&I expert engineer in the energy industry


One of the key factors making the renewable energy industry more competitive is the development of R&D&I (Research, Development and Innovation) activities. In this regard, the technology and energy R&D&I engineer fosters and manages the development of projects involving research into new technologies, the improvement of equipment and optimising consumption, among others. These professionals usually work on projects developed at renewable energy plants, such as wind, solar (photovoltaic, thermal solar thermal), hydropower, geothermal or biomass energy. Their mission revolves around the use of innovation in order to make these processes as efficient as possible.


Technology and energy R&D&I engineers carry out project engineering functions within their department. The projects they promote are partly directed to the implementation of continuous improvement systems. Specifically:
  • Analyse the statistics relating to the production coefficients and the output parameters. Attempt to optimise the technological production processes and establish optimal manufacturing strategies, as well as performing quality control.
    Analyse all processes, cutting out the unproductive ones and implementing the productive ones.
    Perform periodic technology audits in order to identify possible equipment changes and improve processes.
  • Improve the working procedures and methodology on basis of method and time analyses, optimising work centres and implementing technological improvements.
    Develop new manufacturing processes by analysing current ones.
  • Determine the technical level of potential projects and prepare and file the company¿s patent applications.
  • Monitor and ensure proper compliance with technological discipline and that technological machinery is used properly.
  • Prepare programmes to train the workforce and improve their professional qualifications.
  • Study technological advances in both domestic and foreign industry in the field of production technology and keep thorough track of technologies that affect the sector (trends, advances, changes, etc.).
  • Direct and take part in experimental works of learning and introduction of new technological processes in production. Carry out tests and trials before the implantation of a new product or process. Record the results obtained and propose improvements based on what was observed.
  • Foster the creation of synergies with other companies with the aim of realising new research projects.
    Actively collaborate with the research world, universities and the Public Administration in order to design new production facilities. Suggest the concept, design and methodology during the process and take charge of improving existing products and designing new ones. Take part in the concept and prototyping processes.

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