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Environmental law consultant


This occupation advises companies on issues of environmental law. They usually have a degree in Law and later specialisation in Environmental Law, Industrial Safety, Company Environmental Management or Environmental Consultancy. Exceptionally, they may hold technical or scientific degrees (engineer, architect, biologist, chemist, etc.), with proven experience in some business-specific sector or production process and good knowledge of the regulations that are applicable in each case. There are three fields in which the environment interacts with law, and in which experts work in both subjects: Legal advisory services for requirements or denunciations by the authorities, companies and individuals. Management of environmental policies with the government of NGOs. Company consultancy and advisory services. Parties working in this occupation must have legal knowledge related to the environment, both with regard to European legislation and state and autonomous community legislation.


  • Deal with clients, providing them with environmental guidance and legal advice.
  • Identify the legal requirements needed in a specific organisation or company.
  • Execute the applications and documents required to legalise companies with regard to the environment.
  • Perform the tasks required so that companies comply with the legal requirements demanded by ISO 14001 standard and EMAS Regulations, if the company wants to process them.
  • Advise other environmental consultants lacking experienc with law.
  • Attend conferences and congresses to be up-to-date on all legislation.

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