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Worker who carries out tasks of clearing herbaceous and shrub vegetation with manual or mechanical means. The clearing consists of cutting and pulling out shrubs and grasses in a certain area. The clearing can be carried out along a riverbed, in a wooded area, etc., and have different objectives: to clear the undergrowth in order to prevent forest fires, favour the structure and composition of the forest itself, strengthen certain species for production purposes or eradicate specific species. This worker must have extensive knowledge of the species that must be eradicated or protected, so that the clearing has the desired effects. A clearing that is poorly carried out could pose problems, for example, the proliferation of an invasive species.


  • Recognise the main controversial plant species or those worthy of special protection, as well as the situations and conditions in which it is necessary to act or refrain from acting (proximity to inhabited areas, bridges and collection systems, presence of slopes or environments that are geomorphologically sensitive, etc).
  • Have basic knowledge of woodland management, forest defence as well as road and river slopes.
  • Appropriately use hand-held brush cutters and chainsaws, in addition to keeping up their maintenance.
  • Correctly interpret and carry out the manager's verbal and written instructions.
  • Prepare simple budgets and plan the work.

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