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These professionals normally work in engineering firms, architecture firms, and companies specialising in the provision of energy-related services (energy auditors, building energy certification, implementation of energy management systems, etc.).

Their role is focused on managing the efficient use of energy, assessing the efficiency of energy and water facilities in buildings, collaborating in the process for awarding buildings energy certification, determining the feasibility of implementing solar facilities, promoting the efficient use of energy, and putting forward proposals for improvement complying with current regulations.

As responsible for environmental management in buildings, they are in charge of applying good environmental practices aimed at minimising and improving the management of natural and energy resources, as well as implementing technical and functional changes in the management of buildings.


  • Apply the objectives and goals of an environmental management programme for the building.
  • Oversee the building's construction requirements and establish the relevant energy demand.
  • Draw up reports containing proposals to improve facilities' energy efficiency.
  • Organise and monitor the proper implementation of risk prevention, health and safety and environmental regulations and measures during surveys of installations for the purposes of energy efficiency ratings.
  • Oversee its performance and take environmental records for the building's equipment and infrastructures with the aim of adapting operations to established criteria. Coordinate maintenance and determine the effectiveness of saving devices for water, energy and material consumption.
  • Carry out a series of checks to ensure that the requirements of current regulations on energy efficiency are met.
  • Analyse heaters and coolers, fans, circulators and pipe networks, air distribution ducts, indoor and outdoor lighting systems, etc.
  • In service buildings, these professionals may be responsible for applying technical and organisational measures aimed at minimising production and promoting recycling of municipal waste and, if necessary, of special waste (toners, fluorescent lights, etc.), in accordance with current environmental regulations.
  • Manage the efficient use of water in the building. Assess the various ways in which water is used and consumed in the building, analysing how the installations can be adapted to meet the demands of users.
  • Determine the need for and feasibility of the adoption of solar facilities, in line with users' energy interests.
  • Collaborate in the energy certification process for buildings.

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