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The work of the bioclimatic consultant consists of the passive use of solar power in the design of newly constructed buildings and the adaptation of existing buildings. Aim for the optimal positioning of architectural components, the most insulating materials, etc., in order to achieve the highest degree of comfort and maximise the use of the solar energy received and ventilation possibilities. Bioclimatic techniques are those that allow to make the most of natural sources of heat and radiation to minimise the use of non-renewable energies and reduce the emission of pollutants.


  • Participate in the design phase of new construction projects, providing advice on bioclimatic criteria which may help optimise the project.
  • Contribute to devising projects for the bioclimatic adaptation of existing public and private spaces.
  • Depending on the characteristics of his/her role, s/he will be in charge of managing the execution fo the works, checking the quality of the buidling materials and processes involved.
  • Coordinate the different professionals, industries and companies interving in the construction or refurbishment of a building.
  • Follow-up and assess the behaviour of built spaces.
  • Operate as a consultant with regard to the conditioning of spaces and facilities, in line with current regulations and any issues identified.

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