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Waste manager


The main objective of the waste management facility is to recover and sort the maximum amount of collected waste by citizens, companies and merchants. This facility is where waste is treated before being sent on to energy recovery, recycling, reusage or disposal plants.

The person in charge of the waste management facility is responsible for the operation of this facility and for the selective operation and storage of industrial, hazardous or sanitary waste, among others.


  • Log incoming and outgoing waste by weight and content data, as well as incidents, manually and by computer, and present a simplified report every month.
  • Collect the mandatory fees from companies and users and manages the accounting of the installation.
  • Charge users the prescriptive rates perform accounting for the installation.
  • Inform users and supervise that waste is disposed of in the suitable containers.
  • Is responsible for the custody of the materials and the schedule of the managing facility.
  • Comply with and assure compliance with the installation's internal rules.
  • May have assistant operators working for you.

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