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Waste manager


Specialised waste management technicians are earmarked by producers or possessors of waste in order to perform the tasks of controlling, monitoring, informing about and distributing it. They must possess the necessary knowledge in order to manage the waste: i.e., must be familiar with the waste catalogue and authorised carriers and managers, etc. In short, they should know what is required by different types of waste, what is done with them, which forms must be filled in, and what process must be followed. They may work and follow the orders and policies of the company, or for the "waste management" firm, which is responsible for ensuring it is treated as required.


In the industry:
  • Have an impact on the system to minimise waste production.
  • Determine the viability of generated waste to be managed as by-products and to use them in another production process.
  • Classify, segregate and characterise the waste generated, with an external laboratory, if necessary
  • Determine the destination for every type of waste, and have them treated at the same company or through a transport carrier and an authorised manager.
  • Manage and keep all documentation updated related to waste management (approval forms, monitoring forms, annual statement, etc.).
  • Represent the company with the competent organisations.
  • Properly formalise the Annual Statement on Industrial Wastes (DARI).
  • Formalise approval forms, destination forms and monitoring forms for the different wastes, in accordance with chapter 2 of Decree 93/1999 of 6 April, on waste management procedures.
  • Employ companies registered with the Transport Registry and holding specific authorisation for waste pursuant to chapter 2 of Decree 93/1999 to transport the wastes generated.
  • Notify the transport company when formalising transport on the features and dangers of the waste to transport and the action method to employ in the event of accident.
  • Keep the waste log updated.
  • Perform a special waste minimisation study in accordance with the Royal Decree of 20 June 1997, number 952/1997.
  • Create the Packaging Waste Prevention Plan.
At waste management companies:
  • Verify the characteristics of the waste delivered to the manager as established in the approval forms and Waste Catalogue.
  • Establish the evaluation or treatment system suitable for each case, and assure that wastes are handled in the best possible way.
  • Oversee the correct application of valuation and treatment techniques.
  • Keep a waste and matter incoming and outgoing log up to date.
  • Manage the waste generated by the plant itself.
  • Manage all documentation specified by regulations with regard to obligations of waste managers with the appropriate body.

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