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Expert in solar instrumentation


An expert in instrumentation is usually in high demand during the commissioning phases of new energy plants and for later maintenance of the equipment. These professionals depend directly on the person managing all the electrical instrumentation, therefore they need to ensure active collaboration with other areas such as engineering in order to be able to ensure good maintenance of the plant.


  • Repair breakdowns in electrical devices and switch boxes. Supervise measuring meters and devices, connect components and transducers and check power circuits.
  • Work on high voltage distribution networks. Visually inspect networks, repair insulator chains and conductors and carry out small improvement operations such as the application of supporting elements.
  • Installation and supervision of automatic valves. Control correct operation of the field's solar and power valves.
  • Calibrate plant instruments for optimum operation. Adjust thermocouples and heliostats.
  • Carry out preventive maintenance inspections of the equipment. Define the schedule and frequency of inspections and perform any necessary tasks (cleaning, lubrication, calibration, adjustments, etc.).
  • Perform predictive maintenance of all equipment. Analyze oils, control vibration and measure temperatures.
  • Carry out small repairs in the workshop.
  • Draft status reports.

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