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Environmental recovery technician


This professional is responsible for the logistics of various small or medium-sized facilities dedicated to waste assessment (landfills, selection plants, etc.). They are ultimately responsible for both the facilities and workers, and are responsible for organising the outsourcing of services (cleaning, transportation companies etc.).


  • Coordinate the functions of installation and rubbish tip managers.
  • Regularly assure that the installations are running properly.
  • Act as a spokesperson with the authorised managers, transport carriers and managers of recycling companies.
  • Analyse operations costs, incoming and outgoing entries on the balance sheet, the appraisals obtained and proposals for improvements.
  • Introduce changes to appraisal procedures and itineraries.
  • Coordinate with company management, town councils and other government entities.
  • Write regular reports on the results of each installation, foreseeable developments and changes wanted, including internal promotions and the disciplinary system for ascribed company personnel.

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