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Environmental analyst


Intermediate-level technician with extensive theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the most commonly-used sampling and analysis techniques, as regards various environmental vectors (water, waste, air, land, etc). Apply chemical and biological analysis techniques according to the established procedures, safety standards and good laboratory practices. Use equipment to take samples and conduct analyses on the land and in the laboratory and have sufficient knowledge to apply classical and instrumental analytical techniques (UV-visible spectrophotometry, photometry, gas chromatography, HPLC, IR, etc). Is able to organise the laboratory according to good practices and schedule tasks related to instrument maintenance and calibration, analytical series and samplings. Interpret the analysis results and write up technical reports considering the standards set forth in the environmental regulations and detecting possible anomalies in the equipment used to treat gas and wastewater from facilities, based on the deviations of the results.


  • Take samples of environmental influent and effluent pollutants from facilities and the environment, according to the established procedures.
  • Apply suitable analytical techniques to the parameter to be assessed in a certain environmental vector, according to the established Standardised Operating Procedures and environmental regulations, with the scheduled frequency.
  • Record the results and statistically process them for the writing up of technical reports.
  • Assess the results based on the guideline values established in the environmental regulations and inform those responsible for the facilities, if necessary, of the observed deviations and their possible causes.
  • Maintain and calibrate the laboratory equipment, infrastructures and devices.
  • Programme the series of analyses based on service needs and possibilities.
  • Establish and maintain good laboratory practices: SOPs, quality manual, etc.
  • Optimise the consumption of reagents, water, energy and time.

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