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Project controller


This professional is responsible for the design of renewable energy projects. To that end, it will need to consider not only the maximization of energy production but also the characteristics of the suitable location, environmental restrictions and specifications renewable energy facilities must meet, whether wind, wind, solar energy (photovoltaic, thermal, solar thermal, etc.), hydraulic, geothermal or biomass energy.

Its main mission is to lead the different stages of the project from the processing stage to the energy generation phase. To achieve this goal this professional will need to collaborate with other company departments such as development and promotion.


Tasks generally related to this occupation are:
  • Calculates multiple aspects in facility design: location restrictions related to urban centers, energy flow analysis, photo simulations, visual influence zone maps, sound intensity aspects (if applicable) , calculation and estimation of possible energy losses, rainwater drain calculation (if applicable) and so forth.
  • Manages land rental legal specifications as well as owners negotiation when necesssary
  • Responsible for contact with agencies, administrations and entities involved with the projects. Performs the administrative procedures and manages all the documentation. It is responsible for obtaining the necessary licenses to guarantee legal appointments for renewable energy facilities until their start-up.
  • Performs the interlocution and monitoring of infrastructure providers contracts.
    It is responsible for budget control of and for the supervision of renewable energy facilities building process.
  • It monitors the progress of the project and detects possible incidents in it. It monitors and controls deadlines, costs and quality.

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