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Environmental educators conceptualise and design the master lines for education programs and environmental communications addressed to the general public or specific audiences. They work closely with the different social agents and companies or administrations, running the technical management of teams of environmental instructors or spokespersons. Generally ascribed to public authorities (local, autonomous departments, metropolitan organisations, etc.), large and medium-sized enterprises and NGOs, environmental education facilities or environmental services companies.


  • Participate in designing informative, training, communication and participation strategies, with the aim of raising awareness among the general population of the importance of their participation in finding solutions for environmental issues.
  • Direct and coordinate the design of informative and educational materials, suitable campaigns and strategies according to the recipients (videos, conferences, games, contests, workshops, etc.).
  • Train the professionals who execute environmental education programmes (monitors, free-time activity educators, teachers, etc.), according to the speciality of the matters and the groups at whom the programmes are addressed.
  • Promote the greening of centres.
  • Promote participatory processes of the general population and specific groups as an educational tool aimed at taking action.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the campaigns executed or in progress and introduce changes or modifications, as suitable.

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