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Information architect


Content managers are the information and documentation professionals whose mission is to define the type of content on a website and the criteria for categorizing and classifying information. Their work is aimed at all types of companies that need to organise and/or develop new informative, creative or cultural content.

To carry out their work, they must take market needs and the client's goals into account, as well as have solid knowledge of the quality and suitability of the content included on a website. As a professional specialised in content, they are responsible for the selection and organization of information resources, improving accessibility, with special attention to usability criteria and user orientation, as well as investigating, developing and standardising new content, motivating and giving directions to the team of professionals designated to develop the creative process of client companies.


Analyse the market for online content.
  • Act as an on-going observatory of the market for online content.
  • Detect suitable content according to specific customer needs.
  • Analyse information flows and expand lines for searching for cultural content.

Participate in the creation of the content strategy.
  • Generate proposals and create innovative content, considering demand, objectives and customer needs.
  • Stimulate the conception of ideas and new content in client companies by employing creative techniques. Run brainstorming sessions, organise the ideas, draw conclusions and study implementation possibilities.

Negotiate the transfer of content.
  • Negotiate conditions for the transfer and syndication of content with the supplier.
  • Negotiate the transfer of content with end customers.

Categorise and classify content
  • Define criteria for classification and design the architecture of the content (classification, subject tree, glossaries, etc.).
  • Qualify information selection and relevance criteria for a website.
  • Coordinate the classification, filtering, monitoring and edition of the content before publication.

Perform content maintenance.
  • Work with content management and publication tools (Content Manager software, DBs).
  • Continually review the sources of information that feed the categories.
  • Develop rules for creating new categories and maintaining existing ones.

Manage the quality of the processes.
  • Assess the degree of quality of the content and define the results obtained by generating statistical reports.
  • Report, follow-up and control incidents.
  • Advise and draw up proposals to improve the content of existing projects and programmes.

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