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Directors of photography supervise the entire technical team involved in an audiovisual production: the cameramen, lighting technicians and the technical equipment in general. These professionals ensure the integration of all of the elements that make up an animation, audiovisual or multimedia product (feature films or shorts for film or TV, video clips, videogames, adverts, cartoon series, etc.) and are responsible for the final editing of digital images. Indeed, their role is to ensure the quality of the production images, overseeing the lighting and the camera movements and angles.


  • Participate in planning the production.
    Before beginning the shooting, collaborate with the director on the conception of the image.
    Help to define the general setting and guidelines for the lighting for the film, advert or series.
    Participate in the shooting plan and help draw up or oversee the technical script (in which the camera angles, movements, effects, lighting, etc. are set out).
    Define the materials required to create the production's digital, visual or special effects.
    Determine the type of accessories and digital cameras (or film-based ones, if they are a director of photography for a traditional audiovisual production) that will be required to achieve the desired effects discussed with the director.
  • Direct the technical team during the shooting: oversee the work of camera operators, assistants, electricians, lighting technicians, etc.
    Redefine the frames, suggest angle changes, define which lenses should be used, etc.
    Solve technical issues that arise during the shooting.
  • Oversee the integration of elements.
    Integrate the different elements from still images and shots, such as the colour, drawing, background, meshes and textures in order to ensure a harmonious and coherent production.
    They also define the composition - what the visual effects will be like, how the lighting will be adjusted and what special effects will be required.
  • Oversee the editing of the final images: manipulate, reconstruct, expose and view fixed and moving images using optical, photochemical and digital media.
    Take care of editing digital images into their definitive form.
    Monitor possible continuity errors (inconsistencies, e.g. someone going into a room from the left and appearing from the right in the next shot).

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