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The writer participates in the creation and development of all types of creative writing. This includes various types, such as poetry, prose (fiction, non-fiction, children's books) and material for theatre, radio and television (like scripts, documentaries, etc). Writers can also create content for websites or write articles for magazine and newspapers. Most writers are self-employed and they should often work in other types of occupations, such as teaching, conferences, publishing or other less creative jobs.


  • Develop ideas on specific topics and seek information in this regard, whether for a topic chosen individually or by request.
  • Write and revise their work until the editors are in agreement.
  • Adapt the material for alternative formats.
  • Foster and maintain contact with the publishing houses and appropriate producers. Negotiate the fees for their work.
  • Coordinate their work with the cover illustrators or other graphic artists.
  • Research the publications to which they would like to send their work.
  • Create advertising and foster relationships to promote their work.
  • Deliver their originals in a timely manner by the established deadlines, especially when working for radio, theatre or television.
  • Take courses and participate in workshops to improve written language skills.

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