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The copy editor's objective is to ensure that a text is perfectly legible and ready for publication. A copy editor can work on a series of publications, including: books (fiction or non-fiction); trade, technical or academic journals, newspapers and magazines, publications of businesses, websites and other online content. Often copy editors work on a screen, using new technologies, but they can also work with printed manuscripts. Copy editors work with the copywriters and production team. Copy editors carry out the most qualified editing of the original text presented by the author.


  • Ensure that the text is in line with the house's style.
  • Check that the text is clear and monitor the legal aspects; ensure that the quotes are correctly placed, that there is no risk of defamation, that the copyrights are observed, etc.
  • Resolve any concerns or possible changes with the author and make recommendations to the publishing house.
Copy editors of newspapers:
  • Write the headlines, coordinate the page's layout.
  • Make the text more concise and understandable.
  • Make the final selection and assign news and image priorities.
Copy editors of magazines:
  • Review the facts published in the articles.
  • Collaborate with the design department regarding the visual aspects of the articles. Negotiate possible changes with the authors.

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