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Dancers use movement in order to perform to music, tell stories and transmit emotions. These professionals should also be able to convey feelings, ideas, humour, drama and others through dance. This profession can be performed individually or as part of a group, in front of a live audience or in performances recorded for television, film or music videos. Dancers normally perform steps created by a choreographer, although they may also improvise sometimes. Dancers normally specialise in a certain type of dance: classical ballet, contemporary dance, modern dance, jazz, hip-hop, popular and/or traditional dance, etc.


  • Perform previously created choreographies.
  • Rehearse or create new choreographies.
  • Prepare for and participate in auditions and casting calls.
  • Attend dance classes, in order to improve and maintain their abilities.
  • Do sport, given the importance of the physical aspect of their profession.
  • Complete specific training courses or workshops.
  • Do collaborations in areas such as music (videos, concerts), advertising (photography, television, the internet), contribute to the design of digital products or in corporate events
  • Make contacts with industry professionals in order to get roles in productions or shows.
  • They may also take on the role of the choreographer within group performances.
  • Teach dance to future professionals or socially, in the leisure and free time sector.

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