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Playwrights were traditionally considered 'authors of dramas' (comedy or tragedy). However at present, employing the modern technical term, playwrights are literary or theatre advisers at companies who may also perform roles as artistic director or be responsible for preparing performances. Their work has the maximum relevance when designed for the stage. Indeed, in German the difference between both professions is much clearer: Dramatiker (who writes works), Dramaturg (who adapts the script for the stage and performance). However, both activities are sometimes done by the same person.


  • Choose which works to put on, on the basis of topical issues or for a specific aim.
  • Combine texts chosen for a single production.
  • Conduct research into the author of the chosen work.
  • May sometimes be required to write the programme for the production.
  • Adapt or modify (where applicable, translate) the text.
  • Explore the various threads of meaning present in the work and render/interpret them in staging proposals.
  • Occasionally contribute to rehearsals, offering a critical viewpoint with regard to the artistic director's work.
  • Consider the potential audience's reaction to the production.
  • Train future directors or industry professionals (actors, artistic directors, etc.).

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