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Actors/actresses give life to characters in theatre, cinema, television and on radio, or in other activities related to the audiovisual world (like advertising). Actors/actresses must use words, movement and expression to interpret a script or to improvise a role believably and naturally. They also sometimes must have other skills like singing or dancing to play some roles (musicals). Actors/actresses must promote their abilities by interacting with other professionals, as well as continuously improving their acting abilities. They should also be willing to try new functions in the permanent search for new options that will help them carve out a place within this profession.


  • Play the parts assigned to them in the various productions in which they are involved.
  • Research their role on various levels (conceptual, historical, biographical, etc.), depending on the nature of the character and production.
  • Memorise the lines and stage directions established for the production, adding emotional and communicative depth.
  • Complete specific training courses or workshops.
  • Prepare for and attend rehearsals for the productions in which they are involved.
  • Do collaborations in areas such as advertising (photography, television, the internet), dubbing, the design of digital products and attending events - mostly of a corporate nature.
  • Make contacts in the industry, in order to get new roles.
  • Attend auditions and casting calls.
  • Depending on the size of the company to which they belong, actors may take on tasks from other roles, such as staging, direction or production of plays.
  • Actors may also sometimes be involved in the fields of education or cultural management.

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