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These professionals have specific knowledge of the risks, regulations and technical knowledge required for circus acts. In recent years, the circus has increased the level of spectacularity and complexity of its shows, which has led to the need to incorporate more knowledge into circus acts in order to guarantee their safety. In this sense, both the calculation of safety in the structures and the training of circus performers in basic safety notions become relevant. Circus shows and performers -especially in the acrobatic specialities- increasingly require specialised people who are able to design, install and operate the various safety devices and equipment.

Thus, these professionals are responsible for installing, testing, supervising and, if necessary, training in the different techniques for tying knots, in techniques for belaying and fall protection, in access at height (vertical progression on rope), suspension and reinforcement of structures and devices, etc. They also have technical knowledge of the balance of forces, compression, traction, bending, torsion or buckling devices; fixing angles, pulley effects, factors associated with falls and shock absorption, among other notions about the specific circus equipment.


  • Install circus devices and secure structures (trapezes, ropes, fabrics, aerial straps).
  • Install the installation accessories (ropes, cables, etc.) and secure the acrobatic apparatus, as well as straps, turnbuckles, pulleys, carabiners, etc.
  • Use protection techniques to prevent falls from heights.
  • Know the physical phenomena related to these apparatus, balance of forces, angles of traction, dynamic actions and absorption of falls.
  • Assemble and dismantle safety structures in the various spaces hosting shows.
  • Manage safety equipment (harnesses against falls, footwear, helmets, etc.).

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