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Location Manager


Location managers are professionals who locate and determine the most suitable spaces for shooting an audiovisual production (whether for advertising, cinema or television). Their responsibilities outstrip those of a location scout, since they carry out a range of services that aim to optimise the resources and timeline for a shoot. For example, they identify the most appropaite spaces to film in; negotiate the right to film in the location with the relevant authority/owner; define the technical requirements of the location and, where necessary, deal with payment of the fees in order to be able to film in specific locations. Location managers have a thorough knowledge of the director and director of photography's vision and intentions, as well as of the area where the production is due to be shot.


  • Initially, their role involves documenting locations.
    Be aware of the characteristics of the project and consult the script in order to offer the best possible locations for the shoot.
    Work with the director and director of photography, who explain their vision and intentions, in order to identify the most suitable locations.
  • Scout locations.
    Analyse various options and select the criteria for adapting the locations for the audiovisual project.
    Find out about the logistics, infrastructure available and the economic cost.
    Document the chosen locations using photographs, notes and location maps. By so doing, help the director of the production to choose the ideal locations.
  • Perform management tasks that ensure the shooting can take place smoothly.
    Apply for the necessary permits to film in public spaces and buildings and provide advice about the economic conditions (free, reduced fees, etc.).
    Negotiate the conditions for locations on private property.
    Request the services of the local police and other municipal services, where necessary.
    Deal with all of the necessary logistics with regards to parking for vehicles involved in the production.
    They may be responsible for sorting out security in order to protect the personnel and technical equipment during the shoot.
  • Ensure the location is in a suitable condition upon completion of the shoot.
    Rectify any issues and file reports about any damage caused.
    They are responsible for ensuring cleanliness of the location.

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