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Conceptually, this professional must set up all lighting on the stage, integrating it into the performance. The instruments used to obtain these objectives are very diverse, ranging from lamps (incandescent, tungsten, hallogen and par lights, projectors with Fresnel lenses) to lasers and pyrotechnics. They usually work in the area of the performing arts (primarily in the world of theatre and live music), but are also present in tourism for business meetings (conferences, conventions) and in cinema and television production.


  • Meet with the artistic director, scenographer and technical director.
  • Determine the proper place on the stage for the lights and generators.
  • Guarantee the correct functioning of lighting equipment and generators.
  • Install and oversee all wiring needed.
  • Interpret the lighting design plan created by the artistic director or scenographer.
  • Programme the lighting consoles / desks and load the automated systems for lighting effects and colour changes before the performance.
  • Control lighting, using lighting desks and dimmers.
  • Attend rehearsals to prepare and test the lighting plan for the show.
  • Perform equipment repair and maintenance.
  • Package and do stocktaking for all equipment used.
  • Do the training for new lighting equipment and programs.

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